Sweets Berry Farm

Pick Your Own!

Rutledge, GA

U-Pick Fruits and Berries

Nice to Know                 

  • After significant rainfall, we recommend garden footwear or rubberlike boots.
  • During hotter months, arrive early and pick berries while they are still cool.
  • Don't rinse berries until you are ready to consume them otherwise it will shorten shelf life.
  • Always rinse berries in cold water.
  • After picking, place smaller amounts of berries and fruits in separate bags or containers for transport.  A gallon of product weighs just under seven pounds, so you don't want the ones on the bottom to get crushed!  We recommed putting two towels in the bottom of a cooler over a bed of ice.  This way, the berries on the bottom aren't against a hard surface, they don't freeze and everything stays cool and dry. Cover them up and keep them out of direct sunlight.  Always put the most delicate on top!
  • Don't leave berries in the car in the heat.  While driving, put your berries in the car with you and not in the trunk.  On the drive home, turn on the air conditioner and keep them shaded.
  • Blueberries do not ripen more after picking!  Only pick those that are uniformly colored.  Remember, we have many varieties and some are darker and larger than others.  You'll want to sample to ensure ripeness!
  • Wear sunscreen and consider hats and sunglasses.
  • Refrigerate your fruits and berries as soon as you get home.
  • To freeze berries, space them on a cookie sheet in the freezer so they don't freeze together. Once frozen, put them into a sealed container.  Berries will have the best consistency if they are eaten just before being thawed completely.
  • Unrefrigerated fruits should be separated and not stored in bags together, causing them to soften faster.

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